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14. Scoring

14.1. A goal is scored if an in-bounds player catches a legal pass and:

14.1.1. all their ground contacts are entirely within their attacking end zone, or for an airborne player, all of their first simultaneous points of ground contact after catching the disc are entirely within their attacking end zone, and

14.1.2. they subsequently establish possession of the disc, and maintain the catch throughout all ground contact related to the catch (note 12.1, 12.1.1).

14.2. If a player believes a goal has been scored, they may call “goal” and play stops. After a contested or retracted goal call play must restart with a check and the call is deemed to have been made when the player established possession

14.3. If a player in possession of the disc ends up with their selected pivot point behind the attacking goal line without scoring a goal according to 14.1, the player must establish a pivot point at the nearest location on the goal line.

14.4. The time at which a goal is deemed to have been scored is when the player established possession.