Receiving foul before disc flies

  • March 16, 2023 at 8:08 pm #3850
    Carlos Andrés Bohm

    Hello readers, Hello Rueben,

    I would like to make a suggestion. Let’s consider some rules and definitions: 

    17.2. Receiving Fouls:
       17.2.1. A Receiving Foul occurs when a player initiates non-minor contact with an opponent before, while, or directly after, either player makes a play on the disc.
   Contact with an opponent’s arms or hands, that occurs after the disc has been caught, or after the opponent can no longer make a play on the disc, is not a sufficient basis for a foul, but should be avoided (excluding contact related to Section 17.1 and 17.3).  

    Making a play on the disc:

    “When the disc is in the air and a player is attempting to make contact with the disc in any way e.g. to catch it or block it. This includes the process of running towards the place they expect to make contact with the disc.” 

    This leaves us with a difficult sittuation: what happens when an OFFENSE cutter initiates contact with his defender during a Pre-cut, and the disc has not been released; then, the attacker changes direction, the disc is released, and the attacker receives the pass because his mark stopped for calling a fault? 
    [*]The offense knows he initiated contact and is willing to accept the foul. 
    [*]If we stick to rule 17.2 when it says “BEFORE […] either player makes a play on the disc”, then this situation would mean an accepted receiving foul and therefore a Turnover. 
    [*]However, I feel this is in a slight contradiction with the definition of making a play on the disc, because this one explicitly says that the disc is in the air, so it wouldn’t be technically a receiving foul.  

    –>With this said, my suggestion is deleting the word “Before” in 17.2 to avoid this confusion.

    PS: I know the “Before, during, after” combo works very well in most cases, but in this one I think is confusing. 


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