Clarify contested strip but accepted foul

  • June 17, 2023 at 3:00 pm #4451

    On a strip call, often the strip is contested but the offending player accepts that a foul occurred.

    In the current version of the rules, the resolution of this particular case is ill-defined.

    * If we adhere strictly to the rules, then it’s a contest and the disc goes back to the thrower.
    * If we follow the spirit of the rules, however, it’s a foul and the disc goes to the fouled player. To justify this from the rules, the player calling strip would need to retract his/her strip call, then make a foul call. However, this kind of “retract” is not a good “retract”, for two reasons: 1) the player still believes in his/her original strip call and 2) it’s a “retract” only in reaction to the “contest” response, not because the opponent persuaded him/her that they were wrong to call a strip.

    I suggest therefore to add an annotation below 17.3 to make that case clearer.

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