Stoppage due to pick calls

  • December 23, 2021 at 7:36 am #2841

    Hi folks, need your help with yet another “pick” related call. 

    Player A (O), marked by Player X (D) throws the frisbee into the endzone to Player B (O), guarded by Player Y (D). It is a completed pass, essentially a score.

    A pick call is made, by a third defender Player Z, before/while the throw is made. That pick does not affect the pass.

    However, a fourth defender, Player W (Def), more than 3m away from the receiver, Player B and the disc, says they stopped completely after hearing the pick call and so did not make a play on the disc (defensively) and therefore the disc should go back to the thrower (Player A). 

    Does that work? This happened twice in one game. Please advise if this is allowed, should the disc have been returned to the thrower (Player A) or should that pass have remained completed, making it a score?

    December 23, 2021 at 2:08 pm #2842
    Rueben Berg

    It depends if the pick call was made before the disc was in the air, or when the disc is in the air.

    If the pick was called before the disc was in the air, play should stop. If play inadvertently continues, then Player W could claim that the pick call caused them to stop and that the call affected the play.

    If the pick was called when the disc was in the air, it is not valid for Player W to claim that the pick call affected the play.

    Hope that helps


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