Starting after calling brick

  • January 5, 2013 at 1:45 am #220
    Dominick Smyth

    Here’s a scenario I’ve encountered for years:

    Pull goes out of bounds and the receiving team decides to call a brick. One player raises his arm to signal a brick but the disc lands more than 20m away from them. Offence now has two options –
    1 – Have the player who signalled the brick go the +20m to get the disc and +20m back to the brick mark to start play.
    2 – Ask the defending team if anyone minds if someone standing close to the disc passes it for the player who signalled the brick, thus getting the game started quicker.

    To get around this, could I suggest the following change to 17.12?
    The brick option must be signalled by the receiving team before picking up the disc by a player fully extending one arm above their head. The player who picks up the disc may bring it to the brick mark and start play immediately. If the player (or non-player) who picks up the disc gives possession to another player before play starts, play must re-start with a check from the defensive team.

    Basically Player A can pick up the disc and throw it to Player B in order to get play started as quickly as possible. However, if they do this, the disc has to be checked so as to prevent the receiving team throwing the disc in from the side line and starting play while the defence is only half way down the field.

    January 5, 2013 at 3:50 am #221
    Rueben Berg

    People are on the sideline are already able to retrieve a pull that goes out of bounds (Rule 11.8.).

    I think that would reduce the delay in the majority of cases.

    However we will take your suggestion on board.


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