Ruling Scenario – Foul on the dump

  • July 3, 2023 at 6:12 pm #4453
    Kelvin Leung

    Hi Reuben!

    A scenario came up where I wasn’t entirely sure what to do as was hoping for advice and clarification.

    Stall 5 occurs and we’re looking to swing the disc around to the break side handler. Throughout the cutting motion the handler gets tripped and falls over at stall 8. 

    I try to stop play as my intended receiver has been taken out of the game. However due to the quiet nature of the receiver no loud call has been made (perhaps too shy). The defender on me insists that no call has been made and says that you can’t stop play as there was no call and proceeds to stall me out.

    I was wondering in sequence. Is it ;
    A) legal for me to stop play to call an indirect foul as the handler being tripped defensively affected my play?  
    B)what if it is a clear foul but my teammate says nothing and it affects the play in this way?
    C)Is it legal for me to call the foul on behalf of my teammate or perhaps even advise them of the nature of the foul having an effect on the play?
    D)If the scenario changed slightly, what if the disc was thrown and the O player was tripped  as the disc was thrown and the argument was made that the O player couldn’t get there in time?
    E) If a similar scenario happens downfield and an under cut was taken out by a defensive trip/collision do I (as the one with the disc) have the right to stop play as that affected my intent to throw? (Both low stall count and high stall count) 

    Looking forward to your response!

    July 6, 2023 at 6:00 pm #4454
    Rueben Berg

    Hi Kelvin

    Here are some answers:

    A, B C, E: No.
    D: The receiver can call a foul.

    However, if you think a foul has been called, and stop play, then play stops (see rule 16.1).
    If there was no foul call, then rule 15.9 applies, and the stall count would resume to when you stopped play.

    Hope that helps


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