Marking infractions 18.1.1

  • July 9, 2013 at 5:33 pm #397

    I need a clarification about the marking infractions.
    when a marking infraction is called and the marker does not subtract two from the stall count it is not clear to me how to go on, I mean:
    from and (“does not subtract two (2) seconds from the stall count after the first call of any marking infraction”)this should be a “fast count”. that means I am in the case of two infractions in the same thrower possession hence I must apply 18.1.5. (“For any subsequent uncontested marking infraction called during the same throwers possession, the marker must restart the count at one (1) and
    So stall count resumes from zero and no game stoppage.

    But on the other hand I also have 18.1.6. (“If, after a marking infraction, the stall count is not corrected, or there is no stall count, a Violation may be called and play shall stop”).

    It seems to me I have two different reactions at the same situation. Am i missing something?
    In case 18.1.6 is the correct one to use, from which number should be the stall count resumed after the violation?


    July 10, 2013 at 3:03 am #398
    Rueben Berg

    18.1.6 says “a Violation may be called”, so this means thrower can choose which option they would like to use, based on whether they want play to stop or not.

    To use 18.1.5. they must say “Fast Count”
    To use 18.1.6. they must say “Violation”

    18.1.6 can often be a useful option when dealing with inexperienced players to be able to explain the rule to them.

    If 18.1.6. is used the stall count would resume as per rule 9.5

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