Delay of Game Question

  • November 21, 2022 at 2:26 pm #3497
    Seckin Demirkol

    Hello, in a tournament game over the weekend we couldn’t agree on how to resolve a delay of game question. Below is how it unfolded:
    Team A makes a turnover close to the end zone they are defending and a player from Team B is standing on the disc without picking the disc up, waiting for his team to set a stack/play in the end zone.
    First of all, everyone agrees that it’s unspirited but what should the mark from Team A do in this case?

    8.5. explains that the disc should be retrieved by an offensive player but do the time limits stated in 8.5.1. apply to a person standing on the disc or should 8.5.2. apply in that case?

    In our discussion, one party thinks that mark should use the Pre-stall (10 seconds in that case) to be able to call “Delay of Game” and start stalling.

    The other party thinks, since the offensive player is actually standing over the disc, a pre-stall is not required and the mark can call “Delay of Game” and start stalling after giving 2 seconds to remedy the breach, as per annotation 8.5.4.

    And you can see the position in this video (starts at 40:56) 

    Thanks in advance!

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