Defensive MACs

  • May 26, 2016 at 7:13 pm #1065
    Thomas Byrne

    Around 1 hour 16 minutes is the play I want to talk about if that link doesn’t directly work.

    If that doesn’t work – basically the defensive player MACs/bobbles/tips the disc a couple of times to gain ground before catching (intercepting) the disc.

    My first thoughts are that this would be a travel under WFDF rules, however – on close inspection, the relevant rule states that it is a travel infraction if:

    [i] a receiver purposefully bobbles, fumbles or delays the disc to themselves
    in order to move in any direction[/i]

    (emphasis mine) and the definitions define receivers as:

    All offensive players other than the thrower.

    Is this an oversight, or is it intended that only a defensive player should be able to do this?

    Only other relevant info that I could think of would be this from the interpretations document, but I still don’t believe this contradicts my interpretation.

    [i]18.9 Tipping (
    Note For a receiver, any contact with the disc that is not a clean catch can be
    considered tipping (the rules also use the terms bobbling, fumbling, and
    If a player intentionally tips the disc to themselves into the endzone so that they
    can score, this is a travel infraction.
    If a player tips the disc so a team-mate can catch it in the end zone, this is a goal.
    If a player fumbles with a disc while catching it and finally manages to get control
    over it in the end zone, this is a goal, unless the fumbling was intentional.[/i]

    May 30, 2016 at 3:58 am #1066
    Rueben Berg

    It is currently legal in WFDF rules, but we are looking to possibly amend that in future updates.

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