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    When do you think the check should be after an uncontested stall-out turnover?

    1-When the thrower accepts there is a stall-out turnover: the players must go back where they were during the call, then the marker checks and the disc is set on the ground?
    2-When the new thrower establishes a pivot where the disc waits: the offensive team sets up at any point on the field and then the defensive team sets up (like after a time-out)?

    Thanks for your opinion.

    February 13, 2015 at 8:06 pm #827
    Florian Pfender

    It’s number 1. Everyone goes back to where they were, and the check happens in one of two ways.

    a) the former marker becomes the new thrower, and the disc is checked while in his possession, or
    b) the former marker chooses to not become the new thrower, the disc is placed on the ground and is checked in there.

    February 15, 2015 at 3:03 pm #828

    Thanks Flo.

    Where did you get this info? Because the rules don’t give it…
    Thanks again.

    February 15, 2015 at 3:49 pm #829
    Bruno Gravato

    Yes they do… it’s all there (bold is mine):

    15. Calling Fouls, Infractions and Violations
    15.1. A breach of the rules due to non-incidental contact between two or more opposing players is a foul.
    15.2. A breach of the rules regarding a Marking or Travel breach is an infraction. Infractions do not stop play.
    15.3. Every other breach of the rules is a violation.

    16. Continuation after a Foul or Violation Call
    16.1. Whenever a foul or violation call is made, play stops immediately and no turn over is possible.

    10. The Check
    10.1. Whenever play stops during a point for a time-out, foul, violation, contested turnover, contested goal, technical stoppage, injury stoppage, or discussion, play must restart as quickly as possible with a check. The check may only be delayed for the discussion of a call.
    10.2. Except in the case of a time-out:
    10.2.1. All players must return to the positions they held when the event that caused the stoppage occurred, unless specified otherwise.
    10.2.2. If the event that caused the stoppage occurred after the thrower released the disc, and the disc is returned to the thrower to restart play, all players must return to the positions they held when the thrower released the disc, unless specified otherwise.
    10.2.3. All players must remain stationary in that position until the disc is checked in.

    Your scenario 2 only happens in the case of a time-out (as stated in the rules).

    February 15, 2015 at 6:50 pm #830
    Florian Pfender

    Well, technically a stall-out is not a violation. You are allowed to get stalled, just like you are allowed to throw the disc away — with the consequence of a turn over.

    But yes, 10.2 still applies even though the stoppage due to the “stall out” call is not explicitly mentioned in 10.1.

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