calling a person in/out on an unlined field

  • November 17, 2021 at 9:53 am #2748
    Chris Khoo

    If/when sidelines are uneven (endzones cones don’t line up) – which cones do you use to determine in/out?

    This came up in a game recently and previously it’s been explained that you should use the “attacking” cones to determine, which to me makes sense as when you are throwing downfield you’re using those cones as a reference point. 

    There was a thread on reddit I found (but can’t find now) that references the definition in the rules which I’ve copied below.  The end of the thread was that you use the cones in the playing zone (at front of either endzone). 


    Line definition
    “A boundary defining the playing areas. On an unlined field, the boundary is defined as an imaginary line between two field markers with the thickness of said markers. Line segments are not extrapolated beyond the defining markers”

    November 17, 2021 at 10:35 am #2749
    Rueben Berg

    This is from the Official Annotation to 2.1:

    If there are no field markings, and the cones used to mark a sideline are not in a straight line, the sideline line is deemed to be the line between the two cones of the relevant zone the player is currently within. For example, if a player is close to the sideline in the central zone, it is the cones on each goal line along that sideline that are relevant. If a player is close to the sideline within an endzone, it is the cones at the front and rear of that end zone along that sideline that are relevant.

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