After a foul: subtract two or reset??

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    hi guys, this incident happens to us all the time especially if we’re playing with teams that are way better than us…

    so here’s the scenario:
    Player B marks Player A. Player A throws then called Foul…
    If Player B contested the call, where will he start the stall count??
    If Player B accepted the call, will he just subtract two or reset the stall count??

    I’ve read the rules a couple of times and according to my understanding, if the call is an infraction, then the stall count should be subtracted by two but if it’s a foul, then the marker should reset to 1… so i just want to clarify these things. thanks! 😀

    July 3, 2016 at 10:54 pm #1085
    Bruno Gravato

    Fouls (section 17 of the rules) and infractions (section 18) are two different things…

    The stall count goes down by 2 on uncontested marking infractions (the first time, on a second uncontested marking infraction on the same stall count it restarts at 1). See rules 18.1.3 and 18.1.5.

    Uncontested foul by marker: stall count resets to 1 (rule 9.5.1).

    Contested foul by marker: restart at maximum 6 (rule 9.5.4).

    9.6. To restart a stall count “at maximum n”, where “n” is a number between one (1) and nine (9), means to announce “stalling” followed by the count at one more than the last number uttered prior to the stoppage, or by “n” if that value is greater than “n”.

    Interpretation | 9.6.
    If, after a call, a stall count is to be restarted at maximum 6 and:
    – the stall count was stopped at 4, the stall count restarts on “Stalling 5”
    – the stall count was stopped at 8, the stall count restarts on “Stalling 6”

    There does not need to be a gap between “stalling” and the number of the count.

    Get the Decision Diagrams on Downloads section:
    They are quite helpful on these situations.

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