A series of question

  • June 20, 2017 at 11:42 am #1464
    Guang Sing Ong

    According to the rules

    1. Drop pull, – if the pull is drop by the offensive player at the Endzone. where should we star?.

    2. if the Offender decide to make the call of contact due to hand to hand contact with the defender when attempt a pass to another offender, is the call can make after the disc establish the possession.

    3. Based on the my understading, whenever the disc is carry by the player in the endzone due to the force, it should establish the correct check point at nearest goal line.

    4. is the receiver get the disc on the goal in is consider goal?

    5. if the receiver one leg touch the enzone 1st and other leg on the central zone can it consider goal ?

    6. when a receiver getting the disc at the sideline it should count as turnover, so if let say the receiver are received the disc with 1st leg landing inside while another at outside. what this should count?

    7.Based on section 10, all the disc should check in when the play start, correct?

    7.1 If the disc is pass complete, can the foul section 10.2 been raise ? ( the reason i ask this is because i need to know how to use it correct instead of the abuse it which reasult in bad spirit ?. )

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