13.7. Turnover location

  • October 28, 2013 at 1:19 pm #448
    Julian Bushe

    This past weekend there was some confusion over the following rule concerning the turnover location:

    13.7. After a turnover, the turnover location is where:
    13.7.1. the disc has come to a stop or is picked up by an offensive player.

    The situation was the following: We were on offense and an incomplete pass was thrown, so turnover (a “down”). The disc was lying in the central zone.
    I waited for the thrower expecting him to set his pivot next to the disc. Instead he set his pivot maybe a meter next to the disc, picked up the disc on one side and then stepped over to the other side for the break.
    I called a travel, he threw the disc making it a “travel violation”, which he contested.

    After the game we had a nice spirited discussion with the rules at hand and came to the agreement that 13.7.1. seems ambiguous to us. Some things, that confused us:
    We assumed that “offensive player” is a player of the team in possession after the turnover. (Could also be the offensive player causing the turnover, but that would rather be “catching” than “picking up”).
    However, it seems weird to me that the turnover location is not determined right after the turnover.

    Also we assume that “picking up” refers to the action of picking up the disc to set a pivot and continue playing. The confusion here is that the rules require the thrower to set his pivot at the turnover location. But if the player first sets his pivot foot and then picks up the disc, the pivot point determines the turnover location (and not reverse, making it “the turnover location is where the turnover location is”).

    Also it wasn’t clear how to deal with the two options. Does the offense have free choice between the two options? If so, do they have to signal to the defense which of the two they choose? Also, in this case they could always pick up the disc right where it is lying, making the first option unnecessary.

    So the main questions are: How to deal with the second part of 13.7.1. “or is picked up by an offensive player”?
    1. Which turnovers is it meant for?
    2. Does “offensive player” refer to the offense before or after the turnover.
    3. How to choose between the two options.

    I’ll be really grateful for clarification.

    Cheers, Julian

    October 29, 2013 at 1:11 am #449
    Rueben Berg

    the disc has come to a stop or is picked up by an offensive player.

    This refers to a rolling disc that is picked up by an offensive player, not an offensive player picking up an already stopped disc.

    The interpretation for section 13.9 deals with this:

    The pivot should be as close to the disc’s location as possible. Players should not place their right foot at the turnover location and then use their left foot as their pivot. This is a travel infraction (

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