Under the Tape is IN – Interpretation of rule

April 29, 2019 at 5:54 pm #1666
Owen Binchy

So I don’t fully understand the new rules regarding the tape, and I don’t see the issue with the old rules (I echo all of the concerns raised by Sofia and XofMdS).

The biggest issue I think is the dragging the feet example which has been mentioned. To make it clear what we are talking about, I drew some diagrams (in msPaint, and I am no artist).

In the diagrams, imagine a player is dragging their feet towards the tape as they catch a disc, and is “toeing the line”. The first example is when they stay completely in bounds (do not even touch the line) and is clear. The subsequent examples are varying degrees of contact with and dragging the line, and I think highlight how this rule breaks down into absurdity.

Can someone clarify if my interpretations are correct regarding the new rules in these examples? The last example seems ridiculous, but allowed by the new rules as there is no mention of any limit to how far you can drag the line “unintentionally”. I hope you can see how I think the old rule is clearer and easier to apply, unless I have really not understood this change correctly.