Under the Tape is IN – Interpretation of rule

March 30, 2019 at 8:27 pm #1649
sofia pereira

Thanks for your answers.

However, I am still not clear on some issues and still worry that this rule is going to create more problems than it will solve.
Specifically about the previous post
– Regarding dragging the tape being in – Is a straight line between the corners of the field not a better mark for what is in/out than a movable/flexible tape?
– i can’t find the specific answer on FB regarding the toes beyond the tape or the case of a stand still receiver. How can you tell if the toes are beyond the line (when they are generally buried in the sand?) and is the disc in for the standstill receiver?
– With the new rule, OB calls will be dependent on the width of the tape – correct?
– Regarding the last issue – often when trying to get a disc that is beyond the line, players lay out and drag the tape with their toes (unintentionally). We have called this OB. My question is if this is now considered in (as long as their toes are inside the tape). Even if the tape is now not in a straight line with the corners?

That is all for now, thanks