Starting stall after turnover, pivot

July 23, 2018 at 8:15 pm #1560
Benji Heywood

Given that the pivot should be established at the spot occupied by the disc (13.9, 13.7.1) it is impossible to set a pivot before picking up a disc in the central zone.

Furthermore, there is indeed no thrower in your example, only an intended thrower, and so 9.3.2 does not apply. From the definitions, the thrower is:

The offensive player in possession of the disc, or the player who has just thrown the disc prior to when the result of the throw has been determined.

No player is in possession, and the previous thrower is not still the thrower, as the result of the pass has been determined (turnover). There is no thrower.

Only under delay of game rules could you stall before the disc is picked up in your scenario.