Rule 9.5.3. “contested stall out”

April 11, 2013 at 11:35 am #349
David Moser

I understand that the gap has been removed and I’m glad about it and I think you found the perfect wording in the new rules but I can see we don’t have the same interpreation. I’m not taking about the gap between stalling AND one (1). But it says the interval between the START of each number has to be one second. So in my opionon when starting or restarting a stall count there has to be a one second gap between the start of the number and the last number utter prior to the stoppage or between the number (0) when starting a stall count. In this case we would have exaclty 10 seconds for a full stall count. Since the word “stalling” is more or less one second the problem actulay is solved. But what speaks against my interpertaion?