Resuming play after a Stall Out

March 21, 2014 at 7:20 pm #639

Great response Benji,

I’m fairly convinced that you’re right at this stage. The last wrinkle as far as I can see is that according to the discussion so far a stall-out call can not be retracted even if it was called mistakenly.

The sequence of events would be as follows:
Throw is released
“Stall out” called
Throw, catch and down-field marking are unaffected
Play stops
Stall out is contested (fast count)
Optional discussion… on second thought marker admits to the fast count.

If we play the rules as interpreted so far, the disc goes back to thrower at stall 8. The stall-out is treated as contested because there is no option to retract it. Is there another conclusion to this scenario that I have missed?

Furthermore what are your thoughts on retracting an out of bounds call? The (previously) common use of “check-feet” is now considered taboo (it’s not in the rules). But if a defender mistakenly calls “OB” they can’t retract it, i.e. it automatically goes back to thrower?