Restarting the game after a pick

September 2, 2022 at 2:17 am #3289

[quote=”carbohm post=2221″]Hello Stepan,

Rule 16.3 states that

“16.3 Regardless of when any call is made, if the players involved from both teams agree that the event or call did not affect the outcome, the play stands. This rule is not superseded by any other rule”.

From what I understand you agree that the Pick call did not affect the possesion of the disc in this part “Both player A and B did make a play on the disc, not affected by the pick call, player B catched the pass and both players stopped, noticing the stoppage.” 

Therefore, it seems to me that your team wanted the disc to go back on the ground of positioning of the rest of players. But this could have been easily solved by everybody (except receivers) taking the positions they held when the call was made. 
Estoy de acuerdo, el pick ocurre entre otros jugadores, la jugada se mantiene y aplicas la regla 18.3.2

18.3.2. If play has stopped, the obstructed player may move to the agreed position they would have otherwise occupied if the obstruction had not occurred, unless specified otherwise.