Pull intercepted after offender touches disc?

November 5, 2017 at 6:02 am #1501
Rueben Berg

Here’s what can happen after a pull by the defence to the offence:

– the offence catches it: this means O keeps possession and must establish a pivot at that spot, or the nearest point on defending end zone or central zone.
– the offence drops it: turnover
– the disc hits the ground: anyone can stop it from rolling and then offence establishes possession (at that spot, on the sideline, or at the brick mark).
– the offence touches the disc and then the defence catches it: turnover – the defence retain possession
– the offence touches the disc and then the defence hits it to the ground: turnover – the defence now gains possession
– the defence touches the disc before the offence, or before it touches the ground: this is a violation. The offence can either establish possession where the disc is, or request a re-pull.

Under no circumstances can a pull that is caught result in a goal for either team (as the pull is not defined as a legal pass).

Hope that helps.