Placing the pivot on a turn-over

August 23, 2018 at 7:25 pm #1570
Benji Heywood

In my opinion the rule is clear enough.

13.9. If the turnover location is in the central zone, the thrower must establish the pivot at that point.

Obviously, if there’s no impact on the game then we shouldn’t be calling tiny travels where the thrower puts their foot right next to where the disc lay rather than directly under it (1.3.8 ). But, equally obviously, if the defender is unable to tell which foot is the pivot, the breach might be significant enough to make a difference to the outcome.

If you’re 10 yards away and they throw quickly, maybe it’s still not impacting play and you shouldn’t call it. But if you’re right there and unable to determine how to force, then play was affected and it’s a perfectly reasonable travel call.