April 15, 2013 at 8:02 pm #358
Greer Hunt

Cool thats what I thought. Therefore, If an offensive player did call a pick, what would be the result?

Some options I think it would be:

1. If disc was not thrown, stoppage of play, stall count +1 / max 9?
2. If disc was thrown and not completed, turnover, restart with a check.
3. If disc was thrown and completed, stoppage of play, return disc to thrower and stall count +1 / max 9.
4. Others??

Also, I guess players would not be able to “catch-up” so if offense did call a pick, players would just restart where the pick was called or would there even be a stoppage of play?


I’m going to try and figure out the USAU ruling and will post the results.