Pick when two active markers: Rule 18.3

July 22, 2013 at 9:34 pm #399

JB and Wally,

Apologies for the lateness of this reply. Below is a rather long-winded example of where the suggested change would present disadvantage for a team using what I would consider to be a legitimate defensive structure. Before the conversation gets into a series of contradicting examples however I’d like to repeat some of my more general worries regarding the suggestion and your reasons for it.

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In the case of more than one defender marking the same player, it is the defender causing the pick.
There is never just one reason for a pick to occur. Even if a double team contributed to the occurrence of a pick this change would mistakenly (IMO) elevate it over all other contributing factors in all situations.

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The defense should not be given a reprieve for a violation they have themselves intentionally caused.
It is a big jump to assume that a a team which double marks a player did so to intentionally cause picks.

Lastly I’d like you guys to consider the implications of such a change as it relates to

12.8. Every player is entitled to occupy any position on the field not occupied by any opposing player, provided that they do not initiate contact in taking such a position.

I know this suggestion would not change a players entitlement to take any position, but it would mean that their position at one point in the game changes what calls they are entitled to make later.

Example: Typical 3-3-1 zone D (3-man cup, 2 wings, 1 mid, 1 deep) versus a typical 3-4 O.
The cup and the mid are following a swing pass from the middle towards the left sideline there is a receiver cutting under from deep to receive a continuation pass, they start near left the sideline and are cutting slightly towards the middle of the pitch. Seeing this as the primary threat the left wing moves to follow the cuter while the mid moves to block a pass through the cup they are both covering the same player but the wing is following the cutter left-to-right and the mid is following the cup right-to-left. As the cutter comes close to the cup both players are closely covering him/her and there is no option for the thrower. Spotting this the cutter clears sharply towards the opposite sideline, the wing attempts to follow, while the mid remains to block any passes through the cup to another cut or a dump. The wing is prevented from following the cut because he is picked due to both the position of the mid and the path of the cutter.

Okay, that’s a lot to try and convey in a single post, I hope that it is easy to understand. Let me say that I certainty see where you are coming from and I think that picks in this situation are frustrating. I just think that this kind of change makes too many assumptions and generalizations to be usefull.