Pass during a violation off 10.2. is called

March 26, 2014 at 6:37 pm #662
David Moser

Okay I get the first part. It will NEVER be a turn even if the call is late because the more specific rule 10.6. always trumps the 16.2. even if a easy pass is dropped…

But I’m unsure about the second point now.

It often happens that the marker checks the disc while one of his teammates is still moving (even if just moving slightly to to right position). In 10.4. it says that the person checking the disc must first verify with the nearest opposition player that their team is ready. It actually says nothing that he has to verify that his own team is ready. I undertand your argument that it doesn’t make sense to call a violation on your own team (in this case on your marker); but then again in the sense of good spirit the disc should be returned to the thrower and the marker should be instructed to only make a check if his own team is ready… I guess I would always try to manage it this way. If it happens a second time in the game then probably I would also say it is our own fault and play shoud continue…