Opposing team out of bounds throws disc

November 1, 2016 at 12:48 pm #1344
Rueben Berg

1. If a player catches the disc out of bounds (as defense) and gains posesion and throws from out of bounds. This is considered a travel, the play stops and disc has to go back for a correct pivot set, and check the disc in, right?

Correct, assuming the pass was completed, otherwise it is a turnover.

2. If a player catches the disc out of bounds as offense and throws, no matter what happens, it was out of bounds so its a turnover, right?

Assuming both teams agree the offence player caught the disc out-of-bounds, then yes, it is a turnover.

3. If a defense player makes a call, (fould, violation, travel…) and the ofense throws the disc, it is dropped and its a turnover, if the call didnt affect the play, the offense can just retract the call and the turnover stands, right?

The offence does not ‘retract the call’, but if both teams agree the call did not affect the play, the turnover should stand (16.3). However for a travel called before the throw, it is always a turnover, even if it did affect the play (18.2.9).