No Specific Time Limit to Put the Disc Into Play – clarification

March 30, 2019 at 5:38 am #1647
Will Christopherson

Hi Sofia –

That’s correct – only 8.5.2 (and its sub-headings) is NOT a part of the beach rules. All the rest still applies.
That is, gameplay hasn’t changed to how we’ve always played beach: you may not delay bringing the disc into play, but neither is there a specific time limit to do so.
(To be clear, as I’m not sure if your comment is stating this, you can only call ‘Delay of Game’ if they are delaying getting to the disc and/or bringing it into play. If they are within 3m of the disc but still walking to it, for instance, they are not delaying the game and the call is not warranted.)

We will be definitely be revisiting this for future iterations of the rules changes. In theory we want to keep grass and beach rulesets in line with each other, but we want to get a better idea of how this time limit impacts beach-specific play before we enact it. We’re hoping to test it out in some games or perhaps even tournaments, watching beach film to see what the current timing tends to be without this rule (and how relatively long/short/necessary the timing is on sand), and also gathering feedback from players.

Hope that helps!
-Will Christopherson
WFDF Beach Ultimate Rules Chair