Incorrect turnover calls

June 25, 2014 at 9:00 pm #705

[quote=”Flo” post=516]As mentioned above, the stall out is not a violation, it is just a turn over.[/quote]
I’m not suggesting (in this thread) that it should be a violation. I incorrectly interpreted 15.3 in the previous thread.

[quote=”Flo” post=516]
On the other hand, if you as the marker are convinced that you called “stall out” in error after the fact, then your erroneous call should be treated as a violation as the stall out never happened. If the thrower agrees that there was no stall out (only he or his team mates can call you on your violation, you can not self call it), you do not apply the contested stall rule, and the disc stays where it is.[/quote]
I agree that this has the same effect as allowing the turnover to be retracted but seems like a very cumbersome exchange. First the offence needs to contest the call, then the defense needs to admit they were incorrect without calling violation on themselves, then the offence should call violation because of the mistake.

These (contested turn-over) calls are quite common and in general are resolved quickly and easily but do not follow the rules as you describe them (IMO). I still think that this warrants a change but perhaps my suggestions above would have other consequences.