How to use WFDF Spirit Example Scoring Sheet?

April 16, 2019 at 10:46 pm #1660

Hello Rich,

First of all thank you for your quick reply and clarification.

My question might not be so clear, so i’ll try to explain more now.

We do spirit scoring by voting as a team work. But also the Spirit Captain lead it and make some interpretations.

At this point i think my question becomes to “one clear case of thoughtful contact avoidance” is enough to give 3 points to whole opponent team for the fouls and body contact on a regular game? Because on the contrary we do not give 1 point to the whole opponent team just for one bad example on a regular game too. (as it was mentioned on example sheet for Not so Good score(1) :”The amount of non-incidental body contact was a bit too much. “There were a few instances of dangerous or reckless plays”)

So maybe my question was actually a question of leveling the scoring points.

Again thank you for reminding; “…t-scoring-management ” and that majority of a team decides whether one strong case happened or more instances happened, according to what they feel about the game regardless of the result.