How to interpret (ep.4)?

September 17, 2013 at 2:20 pm #430

I agree with Ruben but I’m curious to hear some elaboration from JB. Could you clarify a couple of things.

[quote=”JB3″ post=227]To me it looks very clear that the player on offense could have easily avoided contact with the defensive player if she had been looking where she were running. [/quote]
This might be true but couldn’t the same be said of the defense? She could have avoided contact as well, right?

[quote=”JB3″ post=227]Going by the offensive players expected position based on established speed and direction, the defender was not initiating contact.[/quote]
To my eyes it is not clear which player accelerated or changed direction last for 2 reasons.

  1. Neither player dramatically accelerated or turned to alter their expected position.
  2. Any small acceleration they make is very close to the time of contact making it difficult to say who did so first.

I think you have a different perspective on this so could you point out when you believe the offence makes an action which shows she is not entitled to this position?

[quote=”JB3″ post=227]This contact occurs after the defender has already made it to the spot she wanted, made a play on the disc, and is in the process of landing. How much more does she need to establish that this field position is hers?[/quote]
In my opinion she should be able to complete the bid without contact occurring, this includes landing and any subsequent motion. This would be a different discussion all together if the defender had landed and then contact had occurred.