Ethics Of Filming Ultimate

July 5, 2020 at 12:48 am #1838
artur cardelino

[b]. Who “owns the rights” to filming teams? USAU? Tournament Directors? The teams themselves?
and Can and should teams be able to request not to be filmed?[/b]

I think that’s appropriate. I believe in the registration process (for tournaments), it should be written somewhere “this tournament will be recorded, so you consent ur image usage”. Either online or to keep it private. Specially for youth protection. How can you tell an adult recording the team warming-up, stretching, is someone’s father? not just a stranger recording and using these images for other purposes. We had this similar conversation in the Scout Movement.

So today, everyone at an official event, locally, regionally, or something even bigger. Is aware they can be filmed/photographed (by staff/hired photographers) and their image can be used for scout material. Something like that.