Disc dropped after the pull has touched the ground

September 10, 2018 at 4:46 pm #1579
Julian Bushe

[quote=”tony_kashin” post=1429]Found this deep in the rule book:

Interpretation | 13.1.1.
It is not a turnover if a player fumbles the disc prior to fully establishing possession when attempting to gain possession of the disc after a turnover, or after a pull that has already contacted the ground.

Still no answer which player should start with the disc[/quote]

This applys when the player does not catch the disc. So this rule is for when the pull hits the ground, pops back up and an offensive player makes contact with the (again) airborne disc trying to catch it but does not catch it.
In this scenario nothing happens. Still any player is allowed to pick up the disc.

In the original question’s scenario the player establishes possesion of the disc making him the thrower. If any thrower places the disc on the ground while it’s live it’s a turnover by the rules (unless the quoted rule 13.6.) applies.
So strictly by the rules the original scenario should be a turnover.