Dangerous play

May 24, 2017 at 2:23 pm #1446
Rueben Berg

As per section 17.1.1. what is the consequences if the dangerous play has been call?

As stated in 17.1.1: “If uncontested this must be treated as the most relevant foul from Section 17.”

So, for example, if the dangerous play occurred as part of an attempt to catch a pass, that would be a receiving foul. If it occurred as part of the throwing motion, that would be a throwing foul.

and also based on the new regulation, the call can be retrieve if the player believe he or she make the wrong call, can provide an example as per above example?

For example, if a player called travel because they thought their opponent had established a pivot at the wrong spot, but then they are informed that it was the correct spot, they can retract the call.