Continuing stall count after UP call(Not released)

November 23, 2015 at 10:01 pm #1018
Florian Pfender

[quote=”udayan” post=827]If there is an “Up” call during a stall count and the disc is not released(pump faked) ,does the stall count resume with the number substituted by the up call or the one after that? I remember reading somewhere that if saying “up” lasts for one second, then it is this- for example Stalling 1, 2, up, 4 though I may be wrong.
Yes, you are wrong, all numbers must be said, see section 9.

[quote=”udayan” post=827]
Secondly if someone doesn’t start with the word stalling and just goes 1, 2, that is a violation, yes? What if it is called very late in the stall count (horrible spirit) but technically they have to start stall count again?[/quote]
It is a fast count, as spelled out in, so technically it is an infraction (15.2), not a violation, resulting in no stoppage and just a drop of 2 in the stall count. And then,

15.7. Calls must be made immediately after the breach occurs.

Waiting til very late definitely does not qualify as “immediately”.