Continuation after Injury called

June 8, 2017 at 3:12 pm #1455
Marah Neal

Thanks for the response!

I’ve also seen situations where an injury will occur in a part of the field away from the disc. As no one hears the call, play doesn’t stop. The thrower then passes the disc several seconds after the call was made and the (unmarked) receiver drops it.

I can’t find any rules that speak to this instance so it would seem that 8.1.3 “The disc is dead, and no turnover is possible after a call which stops the play or any other stoppage, until the disc is checked in” would apply but that doesn’t feel right to me since a pass was made to an open player and the player dropped it.

Is there another rule that overrides 8.1? Do the players on the field have the discretion to play continuation anyway?