Clarification of certain rules

June 5, 2014 at 12:32 pm #697
Pekka Ranta

15.2. A breach of the rules regarding a Marking or Travel breach is an infraction. [b]Infractions
do not stop play.[/b]

10. The Check
10.1. Whenever play stops during a point for a time-out, foul, violation, contested turnover,
contested goal, technical stoppage, injury stoppage, or discussion, play must restart as
quickly as possible with a check. The check may only be delayed for the discussion of a
10.2. Except in the case of a time-out:
10.2.1. All players must return to the positions they held when the event that caused…

18.1. Marking Infractions: Prior to the check the thrower must establish a pivot at the correct spot
and, if a marker was present at the time of the throw, the marker may
move to mark the thrower.