October 14, 2022 at 12:52 pm #3338
Matthew Clarke

@WFDF/Rueben, would you be kind enough to expand on your answer, specifically regarding Rule 7.12  (2021-2024 edition) “disc contacts the out-of-bounds area without first touching the playing field or an offensive player” i.e. an out of bounds pull.

7.12 states: “The thrower may establish a pivot point either at the brick mark closest to their defending end zone, or at the location on the central zone closest to where the disc went out-of-bounds.” For some players it is unclear if, by establishing this pivot point, whether the disc is now live and in play or not. Many players (especially for the brick) are checking the disc in according to (defense player touching the disc), some are not. Many interesting discussions persist 😉

Can you please clarify, if the disc is in in play or not upon establishing the pivot point as per Rule 7.12. If yes (the disc is live and in play), this means that NO check is required as per rule 10.6.
[*] defense player touching the disc (not required for 7.12)
[*] offense player tapping the disc to the ground and calling “disc in” (not required for 7.12)
[*]10.6.2 nearest defense player calling “disc in” (not required for 7.12)
If true, would WFDF please consider expanding Rule 7.12 to include “The disc is live upon establishing the pivot point; no check as per 10.6 is required.”

This might help some players (including myself) better understand Rule 7.12.Thanks,