October 28, 2022 at 9:17 pm #3422
Edwin Acuña

Hi dear all. I have a question about the brick call.
I have always thought that a brick call does not require a check (annotatios 10.1)… but, I had an interesting conversation about it with a player.

I know that when the offence calls offside (7.5.2) or prepull time violation (if the infringing team has no time-outs left) (A5., in both cases they can choose to call brick and no check is required.
But what if the pull lands out of bounds without existing any violation call? The point (7.12) is not specific about this.

The player tells me:

1. The “brick” is a call. Because the rules says “call brick”, right? (7.12)
2. The “brick” isn’t a marking infraction or foul, so is a violation (15.3)
3. After a violation call, the play must restart with a check (10.1)
4. So, is the check required in brick?

Again, I know that is not requiered check in brick. But, what info I might not be considering? or is a traslation problem?

Please help me..

Thank you all.