Blading pulls, good or bad?

August 23, 2018 at 5:14 pm #1564
Christian Schneider

I don’t agree with the “require sufficient skill on a full grass field that I’m OK with them being rewarded” argument for the following reasons:
– The pulls I’ve seen aimed for a 2/3 of the field reach, that’s around 40m and I (being a medium level thrower) can do that, i.e. skill level medium
– Throwing out of the back requires more skill but we still deem it undesirable and punish it with the brick option
– Done badly it can bend/damage the disc

Interestingly enough the videos on both your articles

and especially

illustrate what I’m talking about:
Do you really think the stop of play and setup time after the pull makes for an exciting game or would you rather have the game start immediately like in the “bad” first pull in the video on the later page?

On the other hand I don’t think keeping the pull stay in the field is that big a deal and if it requires skill then by your argument should be rewarded. I very much like your thoughts at

that a good pull doesn’t only have to be about length and hang time can be more important.