8.5.4 – “Delay of Game” stall when within 3 metres

January 4, 2017 at 6:21 am #1402
Ferdia Rogers

^^ Totally on the same page dude.

1. Agreed, calling a violation to stop play defeats the purpose of calling a delay to speed up play.

2. I presume you can’t start the stall at the goal line if the disc is further than 3m from it, as suggested above. So would it be the case that the stall begins when the offensive player gets within 3m of the disc (with a defender there too) and the stall continues as the disc is brought up to the goal line? i.e. the defender is stalling as the two players are running to the goal line to set a pivot.

However, this would go against rule 9.3.1
“The marker may only start and continue a stall count when: The disc is live (unless specified otherwise);”

because of rule 8.1.2
“The disc is dead, and no turnover is possible: After the pull or after a turnover when the disc must be carried to the location of the correct pivot point, until a pivot is established;”

Seemingly the only solutions to this case are to bind the offensive player to the pivot point within their own endzone or to face no penalising stall for delaying the game. Unless there is an exception made??