7.11 – pulls that roll out of the endzone – where to start play

August 12, 2019 at 2:28 pm #1712
Paul Kossmann

I’m also struggling about the pivot-location in cases of turnovers/pulls in the defending endzone or in OB at the defending endzone:

For a turnover in the defending endzone the new offence can decide where to place the pivot: Central Zone or Location of Disc.
Why is the offence more limited as soon as the turnover is in OB at the defending endzone – the only option available is the Central Zone. This limitation benefits the defence without any good reason (imo).

I would encourage a change of the rules, so that the offence can decide to start at perimeter or central zone for turnovers in OB of the defending endzone. Decision could be made clear just like the opting for Brick in Pulls.
For Pulls: OB in defending endzone should be treated in line with the previous suggestion (“choosing”):
If OB straight, decide between Brick or Perimeter.
If OB with ground-contact before, decide betweend Central Zone or Perimeter.

It is true, of course, that this change might make a special signal for Brick necessary. Reason being, that an incoming defender might not be able to realize wether the disc went out with or without ground contact before.