Reply To: Offense should not recover possession because the “pick call” affected them

June 23, 2024 at 4:10 pm #5718
Hartley Greenwald

This rule absolutely needs clarification. There’s too much subjectivity in whether or not the pick “affected” the offensive player as the other poster points out. There were a couple famous instances of this in the Open WUCC 2022 final, where Pony got a couple of discs back on cases which seemed very questionable, but in the end were probably the correct interpretation of the rules. In both cases, the receivers didn’t immediately stop or anything, but more mentally switched off or had their concentration broken, and then didn’t catch the disc. By the rules, because these calls were made before the throw was in the air, the disc should go back because the call affected the players. The whole stadium was booing them though, because it looked like they hadn’t stopped, and just dropped the disc.

I prefer the USAU version, where there’s no ambiguity about possession. If the disc hits the ground, it’s a turnover. There’s no reason to inject the subjectivity of the receivers deciding if it affected them.