Reply To: Offense should not recover possession because the “pick call” affected them

June 17, 2024 at 4:08 pm #5715
Sebastien Labbe

Thanks for your answer, it helps me trying to explain what I consider to be an issue in the rules (or the way they are interpreted?).

> As I read them, that’s already exactly what’s written in the current rules (

Yes, I agree.

> If the received stopped running when hearing a pick and the disc was already in the air (and as a result isn’t caught), then it’s a turnover (

Ok, thanks for confirming this in the situation where the disc was already in the air. In this situation, maybe the issue is not with the rules themselves, but rather with how they are interpreted in my community… That is another story.

> This is *only* true if the throw was made after the pick call (assuming they indeed consider that the turn occurred because of the pick call).

Thank you, this is exactly the situation I dislike which seems to be allowed by the rules: a pick is called, plays stops (16.1), the thrower attempts a pass anyway, and for whatever reason, the possession is lost. As far as logic is concerned, I believe the disc should never be sent back to the thrower. In this situation, the rules allow an offensive player to say that the “pick call” affected them (we may assume here it is True, but this is also an often-used breach) and recover possession. The pick is already an advantage for the offensive team: someone got open because of some obstruction. Wondering if any offensive player was affected by the “pick call” should not even be a question I believe.

The reason for my view point might also be that I have played in Canada for more than 10 years (with UPA and USA Ultimate rules) before I moved to Europe. I now play in WFDF rules since more than 10 years. In USA/Canada, the play stops when the thrower acknowledges a call was made. And as a player, you learn on day 1 that you should never stop playing/running when hearing a pick. If you don’t maintain possession it is a turnover 100% of the time. There is no such thing as “the pick ‘call’ affected me” which is not a logical way of resolving a pick call, an advantage for offensive team, I believe.

In the 2021 version of WFDF rules, the rule (16.3) was added/updated about “regardedless of when any call is made”. But, to my opinion, it does not go far enough, because it needs both teams to agree. More precisely, when an offensive player says “the pick ‘call’ affected me”, then by definition rule (16.3) does not apply because he does not agree.