Reply To: Offense should not recover possession because the “pick call” affected them

June 16, 2024 at 6:44 pm #5711

> The logic should be that the disc should go back if an offensive player gets the disc after being open because of a pick.

As I read them, that’s already exactly what’s written in the current rules (

> In practice, either because the receiver stopped running when hearing the pick

If the received stopped running when hearing a pick and the disc was already in the air (and as a result isn’t caught), then it’s a turnover (

> Turnovers that happen during a pick are almost always cancelled, because the rules allow even the offensive player to claim that the “pick call” affected them, and not only the pick itself.

This is *only* true if the throw was made after the pick call (assuming they indeed consider that the turn occurred because of the pick call). I’ve seen plenty of picks result in turnovers (because the throw was made before the call, or because the offense agrees that the call did not affect the turnover).

Could you expand more precisely on what specific situation you find badly defined ?

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