Reply To: Clarify situation where defender and attacker run into each other on upline cut

June 4, 2024 at 12:32 am #5674
Hildo Bijl

I came here to post the exact same thing. I have heard so often, “I could not see you coming, and you could see me coming, so you had to avoid me.” At those times I’m thinking, “If I run up-line, I always briefly take my eye off the disc to check for incoming people. Why didn’t you?”

I would love to have an added rule note, “Players are responsible for having sufficient awareness of their surroundings. A lack of awareness can never be used as grounds for a call.” This would then also apply to similar situations, like players running backwards to catch a high/floaty disc.

Optionally we could even add a note, “If you have to actively move out of the way, to avoid a player who does not see you running into you, a foul can be called.” Although I think this is already sufficiently taken into account in the dangerous play rules as they are.