Reply To: All pulls that end up out of bounds can be bricked

June 3, 2024 at 7:37 pm #5673

I don’t think this will achieve what you want because there are also teams that deliberately pull way out of bounds so that the offence sets up statically at the brick mark, which is also a very boring thing to watch.

The problem is that the brick rule (and accompanying rules about the pull) do not create (I think) the right balance of risk/reward.

My proposal would be the following: any pull that, when on the ground stays within and stops within the crowd line should be treated as a good pull and the offensive team should have to play the disc from the closest point on the side line or back line. This rewards floating pulls and rollers that aren’t demonstrations of strength. The defence can use them as a weapon, but there is now risk to using the weapon.

Pulls that don’t meet the criteria above are bad pulls. The offensive team gets to bring them into play at the closest point to the playing field proper (so front line of the end zone or side line). But the defending team is not allowed to progress past half way until the disc is brought into play by the offensive team (e.g., with the first throw or a ground check).

So now, pulls that demonstrate great throwing skill are highly rewarded, but they come with a risk because you cannot set up a static defensive situation by simply throwing with great strength out the side of the field beyond the brick mark.