Reply To: Ground check after moving to establish the pivot

May 30, 2024 at 8:22 pm #5658

@Will_Chen I mean, if you want to make sure you’re playing as efficiently as possible as the marker you can also shout “stalling” and begin counting right after. Though in my experience shouting “disc in” first loses maybe half a second which is negligible in most cases.
Also, I just realized that the defending teams doesn’t actually need to care about the exact timing. Field defenders can see when the disc is brought close to the playing field and should then be reacting according to the offense. So the thrower is the one that might want to shout “disc in” instead, then it wouldn’t clash with “stalling” either.

@Meret_Trapp imo
1. yes (though it relies on it being known by the marker),
2. not necessarily (I suppose it would be possible to wind up from the disc in a low position, i.e. ending the ground check as soon as the disc touched the ground, not when you’re back to a neutral stance. Also you could still preserve run-up momentum if you start lowering the disc while moving towards the playing field and release it right afterwards),
3. yes (making rules/enforcing of rules clearer is always good),
4. yes (everyone that is not playing in a rule breaking/bending way which a ground check would fix is now forced to ground check. In my experience from watching and playing non UFA matches, that’s almost everybody)