Reply To: Ground check after moving to establish the pivot

May 24, 2024 at 2:27 am #5606
Aren Siekmeier

I seem to recall WFDF rules used to require this, current rules for the check are for dead disc (stoppage) only, correct? How does this look when the disc is still live and also players are still allowed to move?

For dead disc, full disc check requires (10.6):
1. A defender within reach to check when thrower has possession.
2. If no defender within reach, ground check.
3. If no thrower with possession (such as after stall out), defender taps ground.

I think 1. and obviously 3. do not make sense in situations with a live disc where players are moving (walking to brick, front of end zone after turnover/pull rolls out/running into attacking end zone, sideline after turnover/running out/pull rolls out, etc.), so I believe we are talking about a separate rule (not under the regular check rules) requiring ONLY 2. a ground check in these situations.

As Meret responds out to Ravi’s point, yes more awkward for the thrower but that would seem to be the point, slow them down enough to comply with and effectively communicate to the defense where and when the pivot is established. (Though I will point out that the when is not important when the thrower has run out of bounds or into attacking end-zone, only after turnovers or pull receipt – 9.3)