16.x – Immediate stoppage or delayed stoppage

August 19, 2019 at 7:21 pm #1713
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Hi there :),
I have a further question (or rather questions) regarding the stoppage and continuation after a foul.

Situation at our club’s last practice:

I was face guarding a field player, at that moment back turned to the marker and thrower, when I hear a clear “foul” call from my teammate (defense). No “play on” heard (although regarding rule “If the team that called the foul or violation gains or retains possession as a result of the pass, play continues without a stoppage. Players recognizing this may call “Play on” to indicate that this rule has been invoked.” that is not obligatory to call) I stop, echo the call, but my guarded player runs through, gets the disc and throws the assist and it is a goal (2 passes since the foul call).
Later during the discussion it turns out, that the marker called a foul b/c she fouled the thrower, which is an incorrect call, cause you are not allowed to call a foul for somebody else. So we applied rule “15.9. After a player initiates a stoppage incorrectly, including after mishearing a call, not knowing the rules, or not making the call immediately” arguing that it was a “misheard call”. Although as an involved player I stated that it did influence me, we applied rule 16.3. “Regardless of when the foul or violation call is made, if play had not completely stopped and the players involved from both teams agree that the foul, violation or call did not affect the outcome , the play stands. This rule is not superseded by any other rule.” Because play did not stop completely. The interpretations state the following: “A foul, violation or call affects the outcome if the outcome would have been meaningfully different had it not occurred. For example, a call affected the play if a receiver is aware that the call has been made before the throw and therefore slows down and fails to complete the pass.” And “There is no specific limit on how many passes can occur before 16.3 no longer applies. However once more than one pass has been completed, it becomes increasingly unlikely that the breach, or call, will not affect the outcome.” Two passes during which I was positive to challenge that catch and establish a mark, had the call not occurred.
(Note: we had to play with our non-dominant hand, which resulted in floaty throws and break throws which were really hard if a mark was established) Also we did not discuss whether the call was made during the throwing motion, before or after, if that even makes a difference in the outcome?

I think subconsciously hearing the voice of my defensive teammate I stopped b/c I thought it could have been an offensive throwing foul, not a defensive foul with the possibility of a “play on” call, but that is a minor thing here.

The real question is, when I do not know whether it is an offensive or defensive foul on the mark, do I stop or not, if not hearing a “play on”? B/c it is either applying rule 15.7 “When a foul or violation call is made that stops play, players must stop play by visibly or audibly communicating the stoppage as soon as they are aware of the call and all players should echo calls on the field.” or “If the team that called the foul or violation gains or retains possession as a result of the pass, play continues without a stoppage. Players recognizing this may call “Play on” to indicate that this rule has been invoked.”

We had two main discussion points about that:
1.) If one stops b/c of a call and the disc has to go back b/c of that, the person could willingly misinterpret the rules whenever he/she wants the game to stop and just say they heard a call.
2.) Otherwise one could do the same whenever there is a call b/c as long as only a few stop for the call, game has not completely stopped.

So my questions are:
1. Does the goal stand or should the disc go back? And if the disc goes back, does it go back to the thrower or the first receiver?
2. Additionally is that really as in rule 15.9. mishearing a call? E.g. the same as if someone from the sideline shouts “Fritz (name of a teammate)” and I hear “pick” instead. It was a clear “foul” call also heard by other players, with better view on the situation and therefore some playing on.

I am asking this long question b/c I was experiencing this particular situation more than one time as sideline and player and we had hourlong discussions on it already including a very uncomfortable one at an important championship.

Ps: It seems to me as kind of a vicious circle to “continue playing when a call occurs until play stops.” Because only the people playing can stop play by stopping.