calling “play on”

September 10, 2014 at 4:49 pm #729
Sylwester Przybyla

Hi Flo,

thank you for this detailed answer. I really love the explanations on why the rules comittee changes certain things.

I have a question, though: You write, that people will still call “play on”. But what happens if they don´t?

Consider this scenario:
Foul on the throw. Thrower calls a foul. Disc flys perfectly to the intended receiver and is caught. A defender stops because of the foul call and because he isn´t aware that the continuation rule has been evoked. His offender plays on without calling “play on”. The disc is thrown to this offender for a score. Can the defender call the disc back?

With the new rule he shure can`t. But isn´t that a bit unfair?